Chamberlain Transport’s 5 Top Tips for Safe Winter Trucking…

The weather is turning colder and winter has now well and truly set in. Icy roads, poor visibility and reduced traction can all contribute to hazardous driving conditions. We are sharing our 5 top tips to keep you safe on the roads whether you are out trucking or driving home for Christmas.

  1. Be Prepared

    Aside from carrying out your usual checks before driving, we recommend taking plenty of food and drinks as well as warm, practical clothing with you for your journey ahead. It is also always advised to have a weather check before you leave, to ensure that you are fully prepared should you come across sun, snow or ice.

  2. Slow Down

    This may seem such a simple top tip, but it is one of the most important. There are hazards on winter roads such as black ice that we can’t see, so we advise taking your time even if the road appears to be clear.

  3. Allow Extra Space

    The weight of a truck increases your stopping distance and that’s without taking into consideration wet or icy conditions. On average, the stopping distance on a wet road is doubled, and on an icy road this increases x 10. With such poor traction on wet and icy roads, it is so important to give yourself some extra room and to stay back from the car or truck in front.

  4. Double Check

    Blizzards and fog can make for poor driving conditions. This can reduce your visibility and make it difficult when changing lanes, pulling out of junctions and parking your truck. Take extra time when carrying out manoeuvres and always double check what is around you.

  5. Take Breaks

    Driving in hazardous conditions can make you more tired. Journeys may also take longer due to increased traffic and slower driving speeds. Make sure you take enough breaks and don’t drive if you feel tired.

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